26 mai 2012

Paul McCartney & Wings - My love

Cover of "my love", a song created by Paul McCartney & Wings. Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney, 1973 / MPL COMMUNICATIONS INC., EMI MUSIC PUBLISHING No commercial purpose

18 mai 2012

U2 - Zoo station

Cover of "zoo station", a song by U2, from th great "Achtung baby" Bono / U2, 1991 / Warner Chapell Music International Ltd no commercial purpose

12 mai 2012

R.E.M. - parakeet

Cover of "parakeet", a song created by R.E.M., from their wonderful LP : "Up" P. BUCK, M.STIPE, M. MILLS, 1998 / WARNER TAMERLANE PUB CORP No commercial purpose

3 mai 2012

PJ Harvey - To bring you my love

"To bring you my love", a song created by PJ Harvey from the wonderful LP "To bring you my love". Polly Jean Harvey, 1995 / EMI MUSIC PUBLISHING LTD No commercial purpose.