28 octobre 2012

R.E.M. - Around the sun

Cover of "around the sun" P. BUCK, M. MILLS, M. STIPE, 2004 / WARNER TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CO No commercial purpose

23 octobre 2012

Paul McCartney - Feet in the clouds

Cover of "feet in the clouds", a song by Paul McCartney from "Memory Almost Full" Paul McCartney, 2007 / MPL COMMUNICATIONS LTD, EMI MUSIC PUBL FRANCE No commercial purpose

14 octobre 2012

Alizée - Les collines

Cover of "Les collines (never wanna leave you)", a song by Alizée J.R. Etienne - Chateau Marmont, 2010 / Wisteria song - Epic, Sony Music Entertainment No commercial purpose

7 octobre 2012

Serge Gainsbourg - Elisa

Cover of "Elisa", a song created by Serge Gainsbourg. Michel Colombier, Serge Gainsbourg, 1969 / BAGATELLE SA, MELODY NELSON PUBLISHING No commercial purpose Other covers @ / D'autres reprises @ http://drytunes.blogspot.fr/

1 octobre 2012

Suede - Still life

Cover of "still life", from the wonderful "Dog man star" Bette ANderson, Bernard Butler, 19994 / Demon Music Group Ltd No commercial purpose