27 juillet 2012

Neil Young - Only love can break your heart

Cover of "only love can break your heart", a song by Neil Young Neil Young, 1970 / BROKEN ARROW MUSIC - STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL FRANCE No commercial purpose

22 juillet 2012

Chris Isaak - You don't cry like I do

Cover of "you don't cry like I do" Chris Isaak, 2009 / Chris Isaak MUSIC PUB COMP - SOCIETE P E C F

7 juillet 2012

Paul McCartney & Wings / Let 'em in

Cover of "Let 'em in'", a song by Paul McCartney & the Wings Paul McCartney, 1976 / MPL COMMUNICATIONS LTD, EMI MUSIC PUBL FRANCE No commercial Purpose

5 juillet 2012

Band on the run / Paul McCartney & Wings

Cover of "band on the run", the opening track of the wonderful LP by the Wings : "Band on the run" Paul and Linda McCartney, 1973 / MPL COMMUNICATIONS INC - EMI MUSIC PUBLISHING FRANCE No commercial purpose